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October Montreal Film Group Event

This was posted on Montreal Film Group’s website so I thought I would repost the info for Super U members in the Montreal area in case you haven’t heard about this interesting event:¬†

What:¬†Mingle and network with emerging filmmakers and musicians, find a partner to apply to Making Music 3 or just come and learn more about the program.¬†An excellent way to get MM3 info before the project’s submission deadline on November 10th.

Date & Time: Thursday, October 30th, 2008, 7:00pm Р9:30pm
Location: Le Centre St-Ambroise
5080 St-Ambroise (in St-Henri)

MM3 from A-Z! Come and make your short experimental film with the NFB!¬†Are you a filmmaker or a musician? Do you have some experience making films or music? Are you ready to collaborate, think outside the box, unleash your creativity and redefine what films about music are supposed to be? Then check out¬†Making Music 3! Visit the MM3¬†Facebook Group¬†“Making music with the NFB” and come to¬†MM3 from A-Z¬†an event presented in association with the MFG on¬†Thursday, October 30th at le Centre St-Ambroise (5080 St-Ambroise), 7pm – 9:30pm.¬†Come meet local emerging musicians and filmmakers! Network with other artists, watch some previous ‚ÄėMaking Music‚Äô films and meet the NFB staff.¬†It’s an evening of mingling and talking about Making Music (and making films!).¬†If you couldn‚Äôt make it to Jem Cohen‚Äôs master class at Pop Montreal, then you can‚Äôt miss MM3 from A-Z. Don‚Äôt have a partner to apply to Making Music yet? Simply bring your business card and samples of your work and we‚Äôll help you find a match!¬†

More info on MM3, project submission deadline and the Oct. 30 Event.

Presented by the NFB in partnership with Pop Montreal and in association with Third Side Music, The Montreal Film Group and CKUT.

To help you network and share your work with others on Oct. 30th, the NFB has come up with a little plan, they write:

“We’d like to compile a list of filmmakers and musicians with contact info and descriptions of the kind of work you do and give it out to everyone who comes that night… that way people can go home and explore the work of so many wonderful local artists… Also, we’d like to compile a playlist with .mp3s and burn it on a Audio CD to give out for free that night so that people can, again, go home and listen to your work… sounds good? If so, here’s what we’d need from you:

Send an email to by Monday October 21st including the following:

HYPERLINK (SuperU, Website, etc.)— 1 only please!
WORK: 3 words that define the kind of work you do—only 3 words!

Send an email to by Monday October 21st including the following:

HYPERLINK (YouTube, Website, etc.)— 1 only please!
WORK: 3 words that define the kind of work you do—only 3 words!
MP3: Send one .mp3 file named in the following way: ArtistName_SongName.mp3

Please note that if you send the .mp3 file you are agreeing to letting the NFB put it in a Making Music 3 CD that will be distributed for free only during the event on October 30th. About 200 copies will be made.

Now, if you do not want to be on those lists or on the CD, that’s ok… we still want to meet you so come out on October 30th! Find out more about the program, watch a couple of previous “Making Music” films and network, network, network!

My Latest Obsessions

1. The crystal. As one visitor to Super U commented, it’s “superman-esque”. We are currently looking for someone to come into our office to cleanse the crystal. Seriously. But it’ll have to be after hours as I’m allergic to the smell of sage.

2. When Life Was Good. Yes, still. Here’s Terry Miles (director) and Casey Manderson (plays “Casey”) mugging for the camera and impressing our CEO. I think I made it into the next podcast while taking this photo. Yay!

3. Sinutab. It’s making my life better. I’m neither drowsy nor non-drowsy. It’s lovely.

The VIFF lurches on…

What movie am I seeing? It’s the 3rd week of the Vancouver International Film Festival, but it feels like week 17 and counting. Last night, Keith Dallas, one of the stars of the upstart Control Alt Delete walked into the theatre and asked me: “Is this Control Alt Delete?” You get the picture.¬†

So, thank goodness for the bright spots (especially if you’re in Vancity looking outside today):

1. When Life Was GoodTerry Miles, director, spied heading into Neptoon Records on Saturday, breathed indie cred into the festival with his guided improvisational dramedy. You had to be at the October 2nd screening to find out what made star Casey Manderson slink off in embarrassment during the Q&A. Check out the vlogs on SuperU for behind the scenes coverage.

2. Control Alt Delete – Once all the stars were seated, writer & director Cameron Labine‘s debut really got smoking. His brother Tyler Labine is the lovesick Lewis, computer programmer by day, internet porn addict by night. Yup, the synopsis says it all, but there’s so much more. And, for me, having known Cam so long, it’s interesting – if not a little creepy – to see the repeating themes in his work. Check it out in theatres in the spring.

3. RR – My secret guilty pleasure is the purely experimental feature by James Benning. A 111-minute-long film composed of 40-odd static shots of trains. Oddly poetic and sometimes highly entertaining, the first half-hour was good, the second – when the guy beside me started snoring – was tough, but the last 30 minutes was a breeze. In full disclosure Mr. Benning: yes, I was the drunk woman lunging at you at the Gala in 2007; a coincidence that you didn’t attend the VIFF this year? – Unnnbelievable!


The Drive Thru on

The Drive Thru on

New videos are posted on, the English-language site of the infamous Tetes a claques animated videos. The latest is The Drive Thru which, like most of the videos plays on our frustrations in the normal world and then skews it a bit to the side and amps it up. In this one, a hungry driver battles with the unintelligible disembodied voice of the fast food drive thru. Pop over to to watch.¬†Sign up for their newsletter, you’ll be among the first to know when new animations are uploaded.

Thirsting for more animation? Check the & Super U Animation contest going on now. We have CGI, stop motion, hand drawn animations already uploaded and the deadline’s not until October 30. Watch and rate!

Fierce Light – World Premiere at VIFF


The Vancouver International Film Festival is hosting the world premiere of Velcrow Ripper‘s latest opus Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action. It’s the 2nd in the trilogy of spiritually motivated, earth worshipping, cinematographically rich documentaries which started with Scared Sacred. While Scared Sacred took us to the “Ground Zeroes” of the world to find if there is still hope in the places of the world’s darkest disasters, Fierce Light unites us with those engaged in compassionate activism around the planet. I always ask Canadian Images programmer Terry McEvoy: “which film in this year’s VIFF will change my life?” This year it’s Fierce Light.

Fierce Light – Wednesday October 1, 7 pm, Empire Granville 7.

or catch it soon on Super Channel.

An Open Letter to Don McKellar

Dear Don McKellar –¬†

When I saw you last night at the Vancouver International Film Festival Opening Gala you gave me the hairy eyeball as you walked by. I realized then that I owe you an apology. I may never get to deliver it in person, so I’m posting it here for everyone to read.

Don, I really admire your work. I first saw you in Roadkill, and I still have the Elvis postcard that Bruce sent me to say thanks to the Ontario Arts Council. I followed you through 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould, Last Night and, now, Blindness. I saw every episode of Twitch City.

Don, we have friends in common through film work and from the old activist network in Toronto. I used to live in Kathedral A and you had a connection with Kathedral B, right?

Don, let me say that I don’t really know why it all happened that way. You were giving a speech at UBC, where I went to film school. My old classmate was organizing it and, because she didn’t have a car, asked me to do her a favour. At the time, I had a really crappy car. My friend knew this. So why she asked me to pick you up at your hotel didn’t make sense to me; why didn’t she just rent a car? It was a really rainy day in November. My car had recently developed a leak in the windshield and when you sat in the passenger seat, on the way to the event, some rain leaked in and dripped on you. And for that, I’m truly sorry.

Don, let me finish by saying that I have a really nice car now. Best of luck with your future endeavours. 

Sincerely, Clare.

Ottawa International Animation Festival – Blog #3

Wallace, special guest at OIAF 


Wallace, special guest at OIAF


The week of the OIAF wrapped with award-winners and fascinating presentations. I loved hearing about the goings on at Aardman Animations from Helen Brunsdon, Development and Broadcast Manager. She brought along some old friends including Wallace, Grommit, and Morph and introduced us to some new friends like Purple and Brown, Pib and Pog, and Angry Kid. Aardman, best known for its claymation marvels, is branching out to other forms of animation. They produced the lyrical and disturbing “The Pearce Sisters” as a festival piece to highlight their CGI animation: it has won a BAFTA and received prizes at Clermont-Ferrand and Anima.

Aardman has been ground-breaking in mobile content. Angry Kid is on multiple carriers and even Morph, one of their oldest characters filmed on 16mm, works well on mobile. Aardman is also producing more adult or “rude” content, as Brunsdon called it, so check out Jeffrey the Aussie with no Cozzy¬†(cartoon nudity!) and JellyBeats¬†(strong language from jellyfish) for a taste.

Meet The Filmmakers – Guest Blog

I thought I (“I” being Jenny, a proud alumni of the Super U camp) would drop by and share some interesting news that sort of jumped into my lap when I was enjoying some¬†barbecued¬†tofu at Main Street’s finest veggie eatery, Foundation. Well maybe “jumped into my lap” is a little dramatic but the “news” – which happened to be printed across a red and grey postcard – certainly did fluttered down through the air and land at my unsuspecting feet as I waited in line for the bathroom.

MEET THE FILMMAKERS is an event being put on by Cineworks September 29th РOctober 10, 2008.

“In its 14th year at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Meet The Filmmakers is about the realization of ideas and the revelation of process. These informal and insightful panel discussions with filmmakers attending the festival provide a rare opportunity for the festival audience to engage in meaningful dialogue with the creative visionaries of modern cinema.
Meet the Filmmakers will feature directors, producers, writer and actors whose work is featured at this year‚Äôs Vancouver International Film Festival. Expect seminars on low-budget filmmaking, shorts and documentaries, women in film, screenwriting, political activism, film artistry, new technologies and much more. No reservations are required and everyone is welcome‚Äďjust bring your love of film and prepare to be inspired!”

This looks like a really great series. I’d highly recommend checking out some of the events which are listed right¬†HERE.

So that’s it for my “news” folks – well at least for tonight. Unless of course you want an in depth review of my vegetarian dinner for that check out Super U’s upcoming Food Blog. Heh, just kidding. ¬†

– Jenny Charlesworth

Announcing the launch of Super U’s Animation Contests

I’m writing from the Ottawa International Animation Festival. I’ve met lots of animators here from schools across Canada, like Emily Carr University, and through the United States. They’re here for inspiration that can only come from meeting people of like-mind and with the same interests.

It was a spark of inspiration that led Michel Beaudet to create Tetes a claques (now, too). He was playing around with different animation techniques in the basement of his house and came up with the unique style of the characters – the dim pilots, the Halloween kids, the farting frogs.

We at Super U are so excited to be partnering with Michel and to launch our first animation contests. I’ve been telling the animators here at the festival about the contests. Michel has said that the “Internet is sucha¬† great tool to give a voice to emergent artists.” This is exactly what Super U is dedicated to.

The animation contest opens for entry on Thursday, September 25 and we’ll be running 4 contests a year and a best of contest in August 2009 – the top prize is $7,500.

Today was the Billings’ Estate picnic sponsored by Cartoon Network with food by Lone Star (thanks!). They had a cool pumpkin carving competition. I hope the animators entering our film contest are as inventive as these artistic geniuses: