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Ottawa International Animation Festival – Blog #3

Wallace, special guest at OIAF 


Wallace, special guest at OIAF


The week of the OIAF wrapped with award-winners and fascinating presentations. I loved hearing about the goings on at Aardman Animations from Helen Brunsdon, Development and Broadcast Manager. She brought along some old friends including Wallace, Grommit, and Morph and introduced us to some new friends like Purple and Brown, Pib and Pog, and Angry Kid. Aardman, best known for its claymation marvels, is branching out to other forms of animation. They produced the lyrical and disturbing “The Pearce Sisters” as a festival piece to highlight their CGI animation: it has won a BAFTA and received prizes at Clermont-Ferrand and Anima.

Aardman has been ground-breaking in mobile content. Angry Kid is on multiple carriers and even Morph, one of their oldest characters filmed on 16mm, works well on mobile. Aardman is also producing more adult or “rude” content, as Brunsdon called it, so check out Jeffrey the Aussie with no Cozzy (cartoon nudity!) and JellyBeats (strong language from jellyfish) for a taste.