Meet The Filmmakers – Guest Blog

I thought I (“I” being Jenny, a proud alumni of the Super U camp) would drop by and share some interesting news that sort of jumped into my lap when I was enjoying some barbecued tofu at Main Street’s finest veggie eatery, Foundation. Well maybe “jumped into my lap” is a little dramatic but the “news” – which happened to be printed across a red and grey postcard – certainly did fluttered down through the air and land at my unsuspecting feet as I waited in line for the bathroom.

MEET THE FILMMAKERS is an event being put on by Cineworks September 29th – October 10, 2008.

“In its 14th year at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Meet The Filmmakers is about the realization of ideas and the revelation of process. These informal and insightful panel discussions with filmmakers attending the festival provide a rare opportunity for the festival audience to engage in meaningful dialogue with the creative visionaries of modern cinema.
Meet the Filmmakers will feature directors, producers, writer and actors whose work is featured at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival. Expect seminars on low-budget filmmaking, shorts and documentaries, women in film, screenwriting, political activism, film artistry, new technologies and much more. No reservations are required and everyone is welcome–just bring your love of film and prepare to be inspired!”

This looks like a really great series. I’d highly recommend checking out some of the events which are listed right HERE.

So that’s it for my “news” folks – well at least for tonight. Unless of course you want an in depth review of my vegetarian dinner for that check out Super U’s upcoming Food Blog. Heh, just kidding.  

– Jenny Charlesworth


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