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My Latest Obsessions

1. The crystal. As one visitor to Super U commented, it’s “superman-esque”. We are currently looking for someone to come into our office to cleanse the crystal. Seriously. But it’ll have to be after hours as I’m allergic to the smell of sage.

2. When Life Was Good. Yes, still. Here’s Terry Miles (director) and Casey Manderson (plays “Casey”) mugging for the camera and impressing our CEO. I think I made it into the next podcast while taking this photo. Yay!

3. Sinutab. It’s making my life better. I’m neither drowsy nor non-drowsy. It’s lovely.

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The Drive Thru on

The Drive Thru on

New videos are posted on, the English-language site of the infamous Tetes a claques animated videos. The latest is The Drive Thru which, like most of the videos plays on our frustrations in the normal world and then skews it a bit to the side and amps it up. In this one, a hungry driver battles with the unintelligible disembodied voice of the fast food drive thru. Pop over to to watch. Sign up for their newsletter, you’ll be among the first to know when new animations are uploaded.

Thirsting for more animation? Check the & Super U Animation contest going on now. We have CGI, stop motion, hand drawn animations already uploaded and the deadline’s not until October 30. Watch and rate!

An Open Letter to Don McKellar

Dear Don McKellar – 

When I saw you last night at the Vancouver International Film Festival Opening Gala you gave me the hairy eyeball as you walked by. I realized then that I owe you an apology. I may never get to deliver it in person, so I’m posting it here for everyone to read.

Don, I really admire your work. I first saw you in Roadkill, and I still have the Elvis postcard that Bruce sent me to say thanks to the Ontario Arts Council. I followed you through 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould, Last Night and, now, Blindness. I saw every episode of Twitch City.

Don, we have friends in common through film work and from the old activist network in Toronto. I used to live in Kathedral A and you had a connection with Kathedral B, right?

Don, let me say that I don’t really know why it all happened that way. You were giving a speech at UBC, where I went to film school. My old classmate was organizing it and, because she didn’t have a car, asked me to do her a favour. At the time, I had a really crappy car. My friend knew this. So why she asked me to pick you up at your hotel didn’t make sense to me; why didn’t she just rent a car? It was a really rainy day in November. My car had recently developed a leak in the windshield and when you sat in the passenger seat, on the way to the event, some rain leaked in and dripped on you. And for that, I’m truly sorry.

Don, let me finish by saying that I have a really nice car now. Best of luck with your future endeavours. 

Sincerely, Clare.

My Current Obsession

Mad Men: Mad Scaling from Photoshop Disasters

I have a confession to make and I’m baring my soul here… I’m currently obsessed with Photoshop Disasters. Yes, it’s true. Some days celebrity gossip just doesn’t fill my need.  John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston break up? Jamie Lyn Spears was cheated on while pregnant at 17? Another Lohan, another boob job? Yawn! That was yesterday. 

Today, I’m all over photoshop cloning, cutouts, cropping and more. Original picture not right size? Just crop it – who cares if people look like giants or pygmiesBeyoncé not “pale” enough? No problem! Models in the wrong place? No problem!