I know where Dr. Horrible lives

Dr. Horrible lives near my sister in downtown LA near Echo Park and Silverlake. The lake where they ride the paddle boats in ep 2? That’s at Echo Park. I’ve watched from the shore while avoiding all the goose dung. It’s pretty there. I love the locations they use in Dr. Horrible, like the laundromat – so understated, yet so LA. every time I visit my sister we go to Cafe Tropicale on Sunset in Silverlake. Their cafe con leche is so strong it impresses the New Yorkers. Last Christmas they decorated the cafe with globe lanterns. Each lantern had someone’s name on it. Oh yeah, and every time I go to Tropicale, I see an actor – last time it was James Tupper from Men in Trees.


Globe Lanterns at Cafe Tropicale in Silverlake

Globe Lanterns at Cafe Tropicale in Silverlake


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  1. Ian on

    Where exactly is that laundromat? I’ve been trying to figure out where to find it.

  2. superumakers on

    This seems to be a hot topic! Check out the action on the whedonesque blog: http://whedonesque.org/viewtopic.php?f=34&p=22116 Moist says that the address is: Maytag Coin Wash, 3724 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90019. You can view pix of the location at http://www.flickr.com/photos/28906747@N05/2699956962/in/set-72157606352926280/

  3. mikejonas on

    Moist is wrong, btw. It’s at 1372 Sunset Boulevard.

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