Before the silly season starts

This week, the PM Stephen Harper pulled the Governor General Michaëlle Jean from attending the Paralympics in Beijing. Rumour has it that a federal election will be called early Tuesday. Then “Silly Season” starts: Canadian media outlets write about nothing except the election, politicians, promises, platforms and scandals (we hope, for variety’s sake) until the vote takes place, which could be as early as the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. So before the onslaught of electioneering starts… 

Here’s what’s making news: The Regina SixListeria Hysteria, Killer Sushi

At the movies: Babylon A.D., Traitor, Disaster Movie, Hamlet 2

On TV: Everest (CBC, 2-part miniseries Aug 31 and Sept 1, 8 to 10 pm). 

Oh, and David Duchovny’s a sex addict. Sigh. Maybe the election will be more interesting. 

You can always watch the latest films on Super U! Check for new films daily.

Have a great weekend.


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