Workshops and Special Events… And I mean SPECIAL

Clare invited me (that’s me, Jenny!) on to the Superumakers blog to share my news about upcoming workshops and special events at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. With so much going on as far as screenings, wine drinking and general mingling, Super U‘s resident film socialite can only cover so much on her own so I’m happy to step in…

This Saturday is a big day so maybe best to skip the pleasantries of Friday night and get a good night’s sleep… you’re going to need it.

First thing on the agenda is Masterclass with Aerlyn Weissman: Oral History And Living Memory at 10 am. This is a full day workshop focused on teaching you the skills and understanding to develop your own screenplay. Tickets are $75 for the full day and can be purchased at the festival’s website posted above.

Next, I suggest you check out Creating Community Through Technology: A Panel Discussion at 5pm. Even better than the fact that it’s FREE to attend, is the topic that is going to be addressed: Is technology changing what it means to be queer? It’s a fascinating question that will surely generate some thought-provoking dialogue.

And if you have any energy after that… check out RAUNCHORAMA RESURRECTED! at 9pm at Tinseltown. This series of shorts was a favourite from past years at the festival and is not to be missed, the title says it all.

PS. This is not for the faint of heart.


1. Lewdness; vulgarity; obscenity.

2. Material or a performance that is sexually explicit or evocative

Sounds like the perfect Saturday night if you ask me.


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  1. superuvoyeur on

    Indeed, sounds like a really fun saturday night!

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