The Magic of Marketing

Another producer gave me this great piece of advice: Take good stills for your movie. For my very first short film, ROOM, I arranged for gallery shots of the four lead actors specifically for a promotional campaign to send to film festivals. I did the same thing with my feature film, Love and Other Dilemmas. On a day when Gabrielle Miller and all of the leads were working, we carved out 10 minutes for each of them in costume with photographer Satu Bell. You just need to have a plan.

So why do most posters for romantic comedies show disembodied heads staring off into the distance when we’re meant to believe they’re supposed to be looking into each other’s eyes? You can’t convince me that the characters are supposed to be in love when they don’t appear to be in the same room. And with millions of dollars, you can’t plan ahead a little? Get the well-paid actors to stand still for a minute. Have them pose together. 

The latest culprit, is the upcoming, already forgettable, My Best Friend’s Girl. Check out Dane Cook’s MySpace page for a rant that is probably funnier than the movie.


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