High Times: Tommy Chong lights it up

Light up America, and Canada, too! Tommy Chong’s new book “Cheech and Chong: The Unauthorized Autobiography” has just been released. Chong – musician, comedian, movie star, long-time marijuana activist – tells the story of how a Chinese-Irish Canadian musician (Chong) met a Mexican-American draft dodger (Cheech Marin) in Vancouver and together became one of the world’s top-selling comedy duos. Chong was signed to Motown records, but quit to become a comedian. “When I found out I was funny and could make a living doing comedy, I was the happiest guy in the world, ” Chong told Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio One’s Q, mainly because he didn’t have to lift the heavy amps and gear that came with his music career. Chong also said that going to jail, for marketing bongs emblazoned with his image, was like a spiritual retreat because he got to concentrate on himself: read, talk to people, exercise. Hmm, maybe not a role-model for the kiddies, but still an interesting man. His book is out now and, though famously split due to “creative differences” for over 20 years, Cheech and Chong will be reuniting for a Light Up America tour this fall. Vancouverites, bring your bong to the QE on December 5.

Want to find out what Tommy Chong thinks is funny? He was one of the jurors for SuperU‘s “It’s Hilarious” contest.  Check out “Car Dance Party Moscow“, “Panasony V4000 Pro” and “Whisper Mom“.


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