Filmmakers, FedEx and Super U

Hot Tip #1: When you need to send a dvd to a potential EP or sales agent, Canada Post beats FedEx by a kilometre. 

FedEx is fast, has snazzy tyvek paks, uniforms, and they come to your door in the uniform. On the downside, they require paperwork in triplicate and the right arm of the unborn child of the highest paid actor in a speaking role as a guarantee that you’re not sending seditious or salacious material. 

Canada Post is relatively cheap and relatively quick. You need just an envelope, a stamp and that little green customs sticker. Heck, I’ve even sent DVDs without the little customs sticker and they got there just fine. Cons: You have to go to them (but don’t you need stuff at Shoppers or 7-Eleven anyway?).

Hot Tip #2: On Super U, you don’t need envelopes, stamps or bubble wrap. Simply upload your film at our website,, and enter a contest to win a prize. Tell all your friends, family and fans to visit your film and vote, vote, vote.


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